Fishing Reports

A local recap of the past week's salt water fly fishing and light tackle fishing activity, primarily along the coast of Fairfield County Connecticut. 

October 18, 2020

Can somebody please tell where all this wind comes from?

Small Craft Warnings on Saturday forced a postponement. Just as well. The rain (and, oh yeah, wind) we had on Thursday and Friday churned the waters into a turbid tirade of chocolate milk.

By Saturday night winds subsided enough to give it a go on Sunday, which began with a moderate breeze from the north east.  But the cold front that passed Saturday night brought temps down to the high 30's by first light and eventually the wind turned to the east (when fishing is least) and lumped up the shoreline once again.

Article: Guidelines for guides, and anglers

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The only way fishing could be more difficult would be if the water actually caught fire.  At least it would be warmer.

Ok, enough whining about the weather.  Despite my dismal disclaimer, fish were caught just before and after the really bad stuff.  Thus ending a dry spell for some junior anglers and providing a tenacious top-water take for a senior angler.

NOAA says high pressure will dominate the upcoming week.  Hurray! Now its time to go fishing!!

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