Fishing Reports

A local recap of the past week's salt water fly fishing and light tackle fishing activity, primarily along the coast of Fairfield County Connecticut. 

July 19, 2020                     


As the Striped Bass fishing slowly melts into mostly low light opportunities with the heat, the Bluefish action has picked up some of the slack.


A mix of Taylors near shore and some feisty middle weight to double digits off shore  

Weather permitting, sight casting to swirls and fins ( a great name for a Tiki Bar?) is providing hilarious, but occasionally frustrating fishing.

Cast to close and they'll spook; land it out in front of their nose and draw a ferocious strike, or two, or three.

These fish are hammering top-water plugs when deftly placed, but will take flies too. 

They will put your casting ability to the test.  Persistence will pay off with big pulls and a virtual guarantee you will have your fish on the reel and waving good bye to your fly line and perhaps some backing too.

It has been a very respectable July for both fly and spin with a couple of weeks still to go. So go!

Light lines.

Top-water arsenal at the ready

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