Fishing Reports

A recap of the salt water fly fishing and light tackle fishing activity along the coast of Connecticut's Western coastline and Charlotte Harbor in South West Florida. 

October 2021

As the season is winding down in the northeast, things are just heating up in the southwest. The Snook bite is improving with fish taking flies deftly placed under the mangroves.

There are also fish on the many sand and oyster bars running the length of Charlotte Harbor. Reds have also been pushing on the bars, trapping baitfish and creating opportunistic feeding for a variety of fishes.

There are numerous sight-casting prospects, but chucking your fly into the soup blind will get sniffs and smacks too.



Among the spectrum of species are Jacks of all sizes. 


Perhaps one of the more underrated shallow-water swimmers, these bar brutes pull like burros and are fine fun on fly.

Along with the 3 aforementioned genus, Trout, Snapper and Tarpon (if you are diligent) comprise 6 varieties currently taking flies near shore.

So put your 4-piece in it's tube, put on the weight-forward floater, put the turkey in a cooler and get down here.

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