Fishing Reports

A local recap of the past week's salt water fly fishing and light tackle fishing activity, primarily along the coast of Fairfield County Connecticut. 

June 13, 2021

What do you do when the sun comes up, the Bass go down and the tide runs slack? Go for Bluefish of course!

So far the spring Bluefish action is as good as I can remember. Both the numbers and fish are strong. The best part is most of the mayhem is on the surface with fish showing off for each other, revealing themselves to anxious anglers.

Although Striper fishing is still good as we enjoy the jewel of June, the tides died early morning this week.  This left a hole in the best part of the day for Bass and fishing in general.  It would pick up as the tide returned easing the pain of slack water. But, Option 2 is run to deeper water and look for tails.


This is a calm day endeavor however and Saturday's east wind negated any chance of offshore antics. But Sunday the wind 180'd and 180 degrees became the compass direction.

The best part, of course, is there is no point in throwing anything other than surface lures/flies to initiate the top-water tango and terrific takes.

The second best part of this story is its only mid June and there is a lot more pandemonium to pursue.



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